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The Complaints Channel

Ethics & Compliance

We understand compliance as a fundamental aspect of our work at Pekos Group. Open and transparent interaction is important to us.
This requires a commitment from each and every one of us.


The PEKOS GROUP Code of Conduct is a reflection of our commitment to integrity, business ethics and excellence in all our operations. It has been created to guide and orientate the actions and behaviours of our employees, managers and collaborators. The fundamental objectives of this Code of Conduct are to promote integrity and business ethics; to foster a respectful and diverse work environment; to ensure legal and ethical compliance; and to protect the reputation of Group companies. This PEKOS GROUP Code of Conduct is applicable to all the companies that form part of the Group, which are the following: Pekos Europe Group SL, Pekos Valves SL, Inductec Soluciones Técnicas SL, Válvulas Nacional SA, Pekos Fabricación SL, Pekos Mecanización SL y Quintanarraya Real Estate SL. Its scope and applicability extends to any person who may be understood to represent or be involved in the activities of any of the aforementioned Group companies, including full and part-time employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers.
I. Employees: This code is of compulsory application to all PEKOS GROUP employees, regardless of their hierarchical level or functional area. Every employee should familiarise themselves with its contents and comply with its principles and guidelines in all their work activities.
II. Management and Leaders: Company leaders and management have an additional responsibility to be examples of business ethics and integrity. They should ensure that their teams understand and follow the Code of Conduct and should actively promote compliance. The company's senior management is committed to complying with and enforcing all applicable rules and to promoting ethical values and good behaviour.
III. External Collaborators: External collaborators, including contractors, consultants and suppliers who maintain business relationships with PEKOS GROUP, must respect the principles set out in this code while they are involved in activities related to our company.
PEKOS GROUP operates in a global environment, and this Code of Conduct applies to all countries and jurisdictions in which we do business. Regardless of geographic location, the ethical and behavioural standards set forth herein are standardised and do not admit of exceptions. This Code remains in force for the duration of the employment or business relationship with the PEKOS GROUP and continues to apply after its termination with regard to any action or omission observed during that relationship.

Download complete document (ENG) :Code Of Conduct
Descargar documento completo (ESP): Código de Conducta


The Complaints Channel is a mechanism established by Pekos Group to process complaints or grievances, not only from its employees but also from third parties, regarding behaviors, actions, events, or omissions that may constitute a violation of the law, internal procedures, or the organization's code of conduct.

This channel serves as an additional tool for preventing crimes, operating in conjunction with the Group's Compliance Program and the documents that support it. As effective as a Compliance Program may be, there will always be a residual possibility of crimes or irregularities occurring within one of the Group's companies. Therefore, it is essential to have this mechanism that allows the detection and reporting of such non-compliances.

Download complete document (ENG): Complaints Channel Policy
Descargar documento completo (ESP): Politica Canal de Denuncias Pekos Group


At Pekos Group, responsibility and legality are of the utmost priority. Our employees, business partners, and third parties can report potential violations at any time, aiding in their detection. We thoroughly check all incoming information systematically and confidentially. In the event of a violation, it should be processed as quickly as possible, and appropriate measures, especially for that violation, must be applied to prevent further occurrences.


Suspected cases and violations of legislation, our Code of Conduct, and internal guidelines are all useful.


Information can be submitted through various reporting channels:

Information can be sent to corporate's Compliance Team at the following email address: canaldenunciaspekos@pekosgroup.eu
If you wish, you can identify yourself using your personal data.
PEKOS EUROPE GROUP S.L. guarantees the user at all times their rights of access, rectification, limitation, deletion, cancellation, portability and opposition to the personal data provided, by writing to PEKOS EUROPE GROUP S.L., C/ REC DEL MOLINAR, 9 P.I. EL CIRCUIT 08160 MONTMELO (BARCELONA) or through the e-mail address rgdp@pekosgroup.eu

Submit you report, it will be forwarded to the relevant department in the company and processed as quickly as possible.
Here you can send your report anonymously and securely. Your complaint will be forwarded to the responsible department within the company and will be processed as quickly as possible.